It’s Time To Put Women In The Picture

We have a lot to fight for this year — equal pay, women’s health, reproductive rights, gun safety, paid maternity leave, our natural environment— just to name a few.

Abortion Ban2
Trump is shown here signing legislation cutting off federal funding to Planned Parenthood and other organizations offering abortion services. WHERE ARE THE WOMEN?

We are going to need your help to elect women who will fight hard for our interests.

We are helping to develop a forceful Florida bench by recruiting and assisting progressive women to successfully run for public office and serve in the State House, in county commissions, in city councils, on school boards and in other vital local positions.

Join our volunteers as we work to elect progressive women candidates. We accomplish this with training, campaign assistance, fundraising, and a network of members giving their skills, time, and finances to help women win.

Ruthless For Florida is supporting Ruth’s List, which was founded to elect more trailblazers to office in Florida.


In the 8 years that Ruth’s List has been working, it has helped elect more than 68 women to office, raised more than $4,000,000 for endorsed candidates, and trained more than 1600 women to run for office in our state.

As referenced in The Atlantic, enthusiasm of women and first-time political candidates has left liberal advocates optimistic that change will come more rapidly to leadership across the country.

Stand with Ruthless for Florida and Ruth’s List in our efforts to achieve this goal…  It’s time to put WOMEN in the picture!!!